Darunnajah – HFCS UK in International Links

28 02 2012

The Holy Family Catholic School has been linked with the Darunnajah Islamic Boarding School in Jakarta since March 2006. At that time the former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, whilst on a visit to Indonesia, announced the beginning of formal partnerships between schools in the UK and schools in Indonesia. The Holy Family School was invited to be the first school in the UK to take part, due to our extensive work with developing an International dimension within the school, as part of our Specialism as a Language College.

Since then we have developed our link through a programme of professional development for teachers in both countries. This allows for transition of 2 members of staff each year to visit the other country in order to have an understanding of the different needs of students, and to develop an awareness of the similarities and differences in our two cultures and religions. Students from both schools are able to keep in contact through an exchange of email addresses, letters and project work in a variety of subject areas.

Teachers who have been fortunate to visit Indonesia include Mr Bohills, Mrs Johnston, Mr Eyes, Miss McConaghy, Miss Bingel, Mrs Blake, and more recently, Miss Rooney and Mrs Holbrook.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming two more visitors from Indonesia in June 2010.






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