25 12 2015


Pondok Pesantren Darunnajah Jakarta now belongs to all Muslims and doesn’t belong to the founder or its big family anymore.
Witnessed by some State officials and guests, Pesantren located on jalan Ulujami Raya, Pesanggrahan No 86, South Jakarta, donated 602 hectare area of land that equals to 1,6 trillion rupiahs for education.
This is the entrust from KH. Abdul Manaf Mukhayyar as the wakif and the founding father of Pondok Pesantren Darunnajah” said KH. Saifuddin Arief, S.H.,M.H., the Chairman of Darunnajah Foundation to the Press at Pondok Pesantren Darunnajah, South Jakarta, Saturday (28/11/2015).
The Second signing program of Wakaf certificate and buildings to celebrate the summit celebration of the 54th Anniversary of Darunnajah is attended by The Vice President of Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Jusuf Kalla, The Minister of Religion Affairs, Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, The Vice Speaker of Indonesia People’s Assembly, M. Hidayat Nur Wahid, The Vice Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia Fadli Zon, and Ambassadors from the neighborhood countries: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and Qatar.
Pondok Pesantren Darunnajah is established by KH. Abdul Manaf Mukhayyar, Lieutenant Colonel (ret) Drs. H. Kamaruzzaman and KH. Drs. Mahrus Amin. KH. Abdul Manaf Mukhayyar, the Founder is a Muslim Scholar and also the warrior of Indonesia. He involved in war around Rawa Belong, Kebayoran Lama and Palmerah. Written in Majalah Pesan in 1989 that Abdul Manaf and his father opened a public kitchen for Indonesian warrior during the revolution era.

Darunnajah Wakaf Assets
The founding father and The Principal of Pondok Pesantren Darunnajah, K.H. Mahrus Amin said that in 2015, The assets of Darunnajah land donation (wakaf of land) is 677,5 hectares which spread all over Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Banten, Lampung, Bengkulu, Riau and Kalimantan.
Another assets of Darunnajah wakaf are educational institutions, buildings, agriculture businesses, etc. Those wakaf assets need a well-management to be more productive.
“Pesantren Darunnajah wakaf management concept is based on the purpose of of Islamic Law (Maqashid al- Syari’ah), which is to realize and create benefits (maslahat ) and to avoid the disadvantages (mudharat). The purpose of Wakaf is to bring someone closer to Allah and helping people for humanity, and it must be institutionalized to make it more optimal and has no ending. Wakaf could be living or non living materials, and money”, explain K.H. Mahrus Amin.
As an independent Pesantren, Darunnajah also owns economical business units of Darunnajah foundation which is run by self management principle. It means that all capital and fund come from Darunnajah foundation. The benefits from this unit is used for pesantren development.
“None of the benefits is given to the member of Darunnajah foundation board, so that they can keep their ‘Iffah’ or stay away from taking profit from pesantren or if they have to, they can get only for “ghurfatan biyadihi” or a little scoop of hand”, said K.H. Mahrus Amin.
Now Pesantren Darunnajah is spread all over Indonesia, not only in Ulujami South Jakarta but also in Cipining,

  1. Bogor (Darunnajah 2),
  2. Serang Banten (Darunnajah 3 Al-mansur),
  3. Padarincang Serang (Darunnjah 4 Tsurayya),
  4. Cikeusik (Annahl Darunnajah 5),
  5. Muko Muko Bengkulu (Annakhil Darunnajah 6),
  6. Nunukan, East Kalimantan (Jaziratunnajah Darunnajah 7).
    Another branches of Darunnajah are Cidokom Parung Bogor (Annur Darunnajah 8)
  7. Pamulang Tangerang Selatan (Al Hasanah Darunnajah 9),
  8. Pesanggrahan Jakarta Selatan (Daud Ali – Darunnajah 10),
  9. Seluma Bengkulu (Al Barokah-Darunnajah 11),
  10. Dumai Riau (Al Barokah, Darunnajah 12),
  11. Cidokom Parung (Pesantren Tahfidz Al Qur’an Rabi’ul Qulub Darunnajah 13),
  12. Pabuaran – Serang Banten (Nurul Ilmi, Darunnajah 14),
  13. Teluk Segara Bengkulu (Pesantren Tahfidz Qur’an Muhammad Amin – Darunnajah 15),
  14. Lampung (Darunnajah 16), and Serang (Darunnajah 17).

Darunnajah also has many educational institutions from Kindergarten until University.” The things that make Darunnajah get its development is the spirit of ikhlas, Kyai and teachers hard work also the Du’a from the people of Indonesia”, said KH. Saifuddin Arief, The Chairman of Darunnajah Foundation.




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