Darunnajah Islamic Boarding School, as you know is an Islamic Education Foundation as any other Islamic boarding schools all over Indonesia.

In this Institution, we teach the students the way how to learn in their class room and the way how to live together in their boarding school in order to build their independency, simplicity, and brotherhood among them.

As Our prophet Rasullallah SAW taught his followers to live peacefully and bridge brotherhood among Moslem, inter religion, and race.

In terms of living together in the society which most of them are Moslems we can still appreciate other religion.

Terrorism which becomes international issue is also affecting Indonesia which most of the people are well-known as the people full of friendliness, kindness and preserving the tradition of its ancestors, thought this terrorists are not from Indonesia not to mention pesantren (boarding school). The terrorist must come from abroad.

This issue is always being identically to Moslem, I can say here that is NOT TRUE, because the Islamic taught preserve respect to one another, love every creatures or in Islam we call it as “Rahmatan lil’alamin”

And as well Indonesians, we are in grief and hurt on knowing the situation happens to Iraqis who are suffers in a very long time due to the invasion of American and british soldiers.

We do hope through this committee Indonesia–United Kingdom Islamic Advisory Group can facilitate school link programmers between Indonesia schools and United Kingdom like the finance or other especially pondok pesantren Islamic boarding school.

And we would like to explain you that Darunnajah is a private independent school managed by foundation with our own budget. In this a good occasion on behalf of Darunnajah we asked you to help and to support our student to get their better future.


3 responses

16 09 2009

afwan program beasiswa ke alazhar kapan ya di buka laginya…… kalo ada hubungi aja ja ke no 085720566313

27 03 2012

semoga darunnajah bisa berkembang demi menegakkan syiar islam, amien

31 10 2012
gabrielll one

good i like it……..

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