A Brief Guide To Activities Of Pesantren

19 11 2008

Soccer is one of the sport activities male students this sport is aim to build physic to be healthy and fresh in order to study better and in a line with its motto “Having A healty body”

Scouting is a weekly program for all students. This activity is aim to build an independent  knight character, self confident and as a media to build leadership. Darunnajah has been regularly joining International scouting event.

Marawis is one of the art activities which comes from South Yaman and grows in Jakarta since the 5 years. This activity needs accuracy in playing music instruments and group performance. And this activities is only for males

Basket and volley ball are two of the most sport being on the championship among Islamic boarding school, on every 2 years on the occasion of Sport and art week, nationwide. And Darunnajah is the starter of this sport and art week.

Qasidah is a vocal group with the rabbana as the instruments in singing Islamic and songs in Arabic

Girls Scouting is also one of the activities in terms of Scouting. And Darunnajah is also the founder of National Jamboree of Islamic Boarding School this year.

Tapak Suci is traditional martial art which grows in Indonesia. Besides it is sport, tapak suci is also an activity wich can build personality and self confident

In Indonesia Marching band is still considered as an elite music. Only some school can afford this activity. This activity is activity is aim to discipline, synchronization and beauty. Not only in music but also in creativity, in terms of formation, marcing and costume color not to mention dancing

Everday each student has to recite Qoran as a holly bible of Moslem which has to be learnt. From this Qoran people knows all laws of religion and science

Darunnajah has bridging relationship with all education centers all over the world through global gate away. All students and teachers can access and work together with other school all over the world.

Arabic is the language of the religion and will be studied by the students so they can enrich their knowledge

English is the language of the world. It is compulsory for the students to master the language.Students are asked to develop science, as the prophet Muhammad SAW told us to seek the knowledge to china because at that time china is the center of knowledge and culture.